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January 21, 2014
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A cheaper conferencing option to Start

If you need a quick solution to hold regular conference calls, but have a tight budget this service may be for you.

It’s easy, free, and you can even record your calls and use a free app for your smart phone. To see the pros and cons register below.

For more commentary on this, or to order a custom tutorial, sign up below.

A tutorial for this service can be made by custom order only – please email us and specify the request. is nothing new, they’ve been around since 2001. However, a lot of small business owners are still shelling out $90/a month or higher to use other services like Webex, GotoMeeting, or another service provider.

Granted, these other providers, have many more bells and whistles than (including video and presentation sharing); but you really can’t get a better price for teleconferencing anywhere. IT’S FREE.

But, as with any FREE service, there are some set backs.

  • The number is not Toll Free (unless you pay the rates yourself)
  • The number changes periodically
  • Your Callers may incur long distance fees
  • The annoucement of to the callers on hold, may let a potential client know you’re a tad frugal (not always bad though)

On a positive note,

  • You can have up to 96 attendees – until you have to upgrade
  • Up to Six hour calls per conference
  • Dedicated line, No waiting
  • You can “record the call”, and let attendees subscribe via an RSS feed – would be great for membership driven organizations (like non-profit), who may have regularly scheduled meetings