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February 13, 2014
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February 21, 2014
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Easy Budgeting Tool

easybudgeting offers a free app that works with any bank in America.

Simply sign up for a account – and slap this monitoring/budgeting service onto your bank account and really start watching where the money goes.

A tutorial for this service can be made by custom order only – please email us and specify the request.

This app is like having a little accountant and financial planner on your shoulders; in that fact that it helps you budget your money on the go, it sends you alerts when you’ve breached certain allowances and it helps you plan toward re-investing and future expenditures.

Most of us have online banking. But I consider as Personal (or Small Business) banking on steroids. Just think if your banker called you up and said “Bob, you’ve spend too much on coffee this month. You need to slow it down.” That’s just what Mint does. It lets you automate this exact process through its new mobile app with any bank provider.

Now BOA and a few others offer the same tools to their customers, but is the easiest and most robust app that I’ve used for this particular need.

For more information about, visit their site.