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June 21, 2012
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Setting Up Your Docs and Spreads


Setting up Google Apps should be a first step process, for any new business in the digital age. You can go the traditional route of buying MicroSoft Office Suite for your docs and spreadsheets, combined with using your ISP email address (e.g. – email@sbcglobal.net) . . . but why spend the $500 on the MS Office suite, and opt for the unprofessional email address???

Especially when there is a cheaper and better solution available like Google Apps.

Google Apps is an interactive solution that allows for “real time collaboration and editing” on documents and spreadsheets in the cloud. So no more, editing, saving, email, opening, editing again, re-saving, re-emailing, and all the back and forth you get with MicroSoft Office.

So why wouldn’t you want “interactive docs”, and the ability to set up a “Professional Email” that makes your brand that more important? There is no reason you wouldn’t want that.

But to this day, every time, I receive and email from an (aol.com, or hotmail.com, or msn.com, or charter.net) – I just ask myself WHY??? Especially when Google Apps, and Gmail for Business is $5 per user. You gotta be able to spend $5 a month for a professional suite. Don’t you? Doesn’t make sense to me.

For Custom Google Apps Set up

GOOGLE APPS: We can help you set up Google Apps if you are having issues with the process. It’s a one time fee, and can be done in short order. Please add to cart, checkout, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.