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February 23, 2014
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February 23, 2014
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A Simple Way to Start Podcasting

Start a Podcast Today

Setting up a podcast is not as hard as it seems. The hardest question about Podcasting is whether you content is “steady” enough to require the need for a podcast. Meaning, if you just want to do an audio recording or video and put that on your website, then you don’t need a Podcast. A Podcast, is more like a radio show, with regularly scheduled content, that needs to be delivered to the end user. A good example of an organization that could use a Podcast – is a Church. They have a weekly message, that could be made into a podcast, where listeners can subscribe to the RSS feed, and delivered promptly to any device of their choice.

A tutorial for this service can be made by custom order only – please email me and specify the request.

Great Product for Beginners provides a very cheap and simplistic platform for delivering Video or Audio Podcasts. Starting at $5 a month you get a very “common sense” approach to podcasting. Their are a few way to offer up your podcast. You can play it on your own website, on, as well as publish to other directories like iTunes.

Go to and try out a free trial for 7 days. Won’t hurt to try.

We’ve been dealing with podcasts since 2007 and can help you out, if you get into a bind.