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Inexpensive Photos to Improve Your Marketing

Great Photos can really make your marketing POP!

For the most part all websites are built with the certain standards in mind. The all have basic Header, Footer, Body, and Columns for the content area. But what usually makes websites pop off the page, and set them apart, are the choice of “photos and graphics” that is used. Photos, in my opinion, are the most important cosmetic aspect of any website.

Why Stock Photos?

Now you could hire a photographer to come by your office and take pictures, right? But pictures of your small staff, and boring shots of your local office can only carry your marketing so far. Eventually you are going to need to opt for stock photos, to really make your material look professional.

Here are a few places that offer good stock photos.

1) Dollar Photo Club

2) Shutterstock

3) PhotoDune

4) fotolia.com

5) istock.com