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LastPass helps with HeartBleed Bug

The HeartBleed Bug puts us all at risk

It was recently discovered that the Heartbleed bug found inside the OpenSSL software platform has been compromised for the past two years. Essentially we all have been compromised in some way or another, with the potential of data being stolen. This includes passwords and possibly even SSL certificates, if you host a website on your own server.     So what does this all mean?  Well it means we need to start paying attention to how we handle our security, as well as our clients security.

Get your security in check with LastPass

With all the hacking that occurs today, Internet security should be a high priority for every company, individual or client.  We have always said it is a good idea to change your passwords frequently, but with the latest information about the HeartBleed bug, it may be time to start using a password protection service like LastPass.

LastPass will securely store all of your passwords and keep it encrypted on your local computer, device, etc. It works with all devices and can even be accessed remotely from their website. LastPass has also already updated the detection of the heartbleed bug, so if you visit a site, that has not fixed the bug, or implemented the patch – then LastPass will be able to warn you.

So check out LastPass when you get a chance. It’s free, and honestly everyone that uses the Internet should be using it. Web security, needs to be pushed to the forefront of everyone’s mind, no matter the situation.