Reviewing GoToMeeting
December 26, 2013
Are DIY Website Builders Bad for Business?
December 27, 2013
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I saw another ad for a “DIY Website Builder”, so I had to investigate to see what it was all about. was advertising on youtube, so I had to click the banner and check it out. Once I went through the processes and messed around with the site a little, it was obvious, it was another “Same Old Song and Dance” platform that all DIY Website Builders Bring.

I haven’t played around with the platform in depth just yet – just looked at my basic set up. But just from looking at their basic marketing, the offered web templates, and overall platform, this service is very familiar.

From initial glance, is no different than Website Tonight, Weebly, 1&1 Builder, and the rest. They all offer, very basic websites, for entry level pricing.

Weebly still ranks the best (for me) in terms of DIY Web Builders.

But as with all CMS or Website Builder platforms – if you are using and need support please email us and we can help you out.