So many choices. What’s right for your Business?

I use social media in the way it was supposed to be used. With honesty and first degree interaction. I won’t promise you a ton of followers, for an overpriced high fee, only to find out in the end you have a lot of friends . . . but no profits. I can help you realize the power of promotion with social media. If you are expecting drastic results, with minimal effort, then I hate to burst your bubble – it won’t happen. It takes work and it takes time to be effective.

Social Media Awareness

With Social Media you have to beware of the those who over promise on delivery, or who offer you immediate success and gratification. These “hype” marketers will take your money, and offer you nothing more than FLUFF followers, which they buy from the latest social media mining service.

So before you venture into the Social Media realm, let us sit down and talk with you about what your goals are for using social media. We don’t promise “tons of friends” or “quick results”. However, we focus on effective campaigns that will not only build name and brand awareness, but will also create loyal followers in the long run.

Social Media Training

We train on the strategies of “social media” and show you how to use the tools effectively (via Video Screen Cast). We explain why Social Media is NOT a popularity contest, or a quick fix, or an easy way to create sales. However, If done correctly, SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a great way to promote your business and gain loyal followers.

Custom Social Media Options – Let us help you integrate your brand and web design into your facebook and twitter pages. We offer design for each as well as other social platforms.

Social Media Services offered at Jump Cloud

  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Best Facebook Add ons
  • Best Twitter Add ons
  • Facebook Design
  • Twitter Design
  • Video Training