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February 21, 2014
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Using Linkedin for Business


Using LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a social networking tool, which is a good place for beginners to social media. When I discuss Social Media, or Networking with traditional clients I always encourage them to try LinkedIn compared to facebook or twitter.

We offer insight and pick some good starting point videos for your viewing.

The reason I give this advice, is due to the fact that Facebook audiences have really small attention spans and Facebook is mostly used for “meaningless chat”, “pictures” and “inflated viewpoints about ourselves and our children”. LinkedIn, is the mainly used for Networking and business only.

LinkedIn is composed of professionals and companies looking to network and do business. So if you want to use your online marketing budget wisely – forget the status updates on Facebook, and simply invest your time into working the Linked IN Crowd.

Check out the playlist (below) that gives you tips on how you can use Linked In for business. It’s a simple playlist to watch if you want to get started.