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Yammer is Social Business

Yammer is a collaboration service that is quite amazing and if you are in business, you should at least give it a test run.

It’s great because it is specifically designed for businesses, even though it takes the best features of the mainstream social apps today.

A tutorial for this service can be made by custom order only – please email us and specify the request.

The best part about yammer is that is very cheap. You can get 3 free users on their basic account, and then if you upgrade it is only $3 a month per user. In comparison to other collaboration or management services, this is dime store stuff we are talking about here.

Things I like about Yammer

  1. It’s internal micro-blogging for you team – short tidbits that stay together
  2. It’s very mobile – build with the cell phone in mind – update onthe fly to entire team
  3. File transfer and storing – saves for knowledge base (#7 below)
  4. Private Sectioning – Grant access to certain members of your team but block other.
  5. Desktop Widgets – sits on your desktop and keeps you up to date with your team in real time.
  6. Very easy to use – I had it up and running in 3 minutes.
  7. Builds a Knowledge base – you can tag, and file topics for review later – so you build knowledge base as you go.
  8. Profiles and main communication channel looks just like Facebook, so very familiar.

Final conclusion – this is a must have. Won’t replace your CRM or anything, but very flexible and light. Great for smaller groups, enterprise teams, and small business owners.