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November 10, 2012
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November 13, 2012
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Conferencing w/ Screen Share


For $20 a month you can step up your conferencing features

For the most part you can find very cheap conferencing options these days, but if you want screen share or other top end functions you are usually going to pay at least $50 a month. Think WebEx or ShareMyPC which both come in around $50 a month.

Startmeeting.com is another option that starts around $20 a month. That is more than half the price of the market leaders.

Now it’s hard to compare Startmeeting.com to Webex – because of the video capabilities offered by Webex. But if you are looking for a budget service, with screen share and recording capabilities, it’s hard to ignore Stratmeeting’s potential.

Would be great for Small Businesses and Non-Profits that need help with . . .

1) Everyday Conferencing
2) Small IT Teams
3) Podcasting Interviews
4) Recording Important Meetings
5) Low Tech Users

If you need help with setup or would like a custom video tutorial, please email us.