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February 23, 2014
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February 23, 2014
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Box offers Interactive Data is one of the leaders of data management in the cloud. Although there are competitors with cheaper pricing, none equate to box. is a must have in business today, especially if you do a lot of file sharing with remote teams. If you are not using it, and still conform to normal email on a daily basis, please read on.

A tutorial for this service can be made by custom order only – please email us and specify the request. offers secure file sharing, file back up, and much more.

There are several reasons why I use and would recommend it to any small business owner:

  1. Gives you file back up and cloud based storage for your important documents.
  2. Allows you to collaborate with others via the cloud, and share files (and I mean big files) very easily and rapidly.
  3. It alerts you to any activity in your account with fellow collaborators.
  4. Integrates a ton of other applications (at openbox), including twitter, wordpress, fedex office and efax, to name few.
  5. Full fledge online collaboration, with comments, tasks, etc.
  6. A growing list of fortune 500 clients.
  7. Most importantly, there 5 Gb plan is FREE. is super simple and those who know email can get familiar with This service is pretty much awesome for anyone. Including business owners, professionals, and even families.
Bottom Line: If you don’t at least take advantage of the 1Gb of free storage, then you are selling yourself short.