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Getting Better Graphics for Less

Spend Less the Next Time You Need a Flyer

Instead of keeping a graphics artist on staff, or paying the high costs of your local designer, you might be better off looking at some of the graphic marketplaces around the globe.

The best designers will sell you stock graphics that you can edit for as little as $1 a file. You can access logos, marketing flyers, corporate identity packages and more. And if you learn how to use Photoshop, you can even take the files further by customizing the colors, fonts, images and more. This article discusses where to look for cheap graphics and how to use them in a practical manner.

The Choice is Yours

So spend $5 out of pocket, plus one hour of your time the next time you need a marketing flyer. Or you can contract it out as usual at the going rate of $65/hour so your local “graphics dude” can take you for a ride. Your call.

Some of the Top Marketplaces

1. Graphic River

This is a great marketplace from Envato where you can buy any type of file for a whole lot less. They have icon sheets for as little as $1, corporate identity packages for around $11, and professional logos for only $29. This is one of the most versatile graphic marketplaces out there, and Envato has a great reputation of keeping their files clean. Envato is based in Australia and uses a “deposit purchase” system. It’s a little weird at first, but you basically deposit money in increments of $20 and then buy your files from your bank, on your account. Once you get used to it, it’s really not a big deal. I personally wish more things were sold in this fashion, because it really helps you budget your projects a lot better.