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Huddle offers social business platform

is a decent social business platform with good conferencing, but a little costly in my opinion. There really isn’t much that we haven’t seen before, since collaboration platforms burst on to the scene a few years back – but I will say it is a little more focused on BUSINESS ONLY.

Huddle is a great team and client manager, but I fault it mainly for being a little expensive for what you get. When Google is (essentially) offering the same tools for FREE it’s hard to justify the cost as a small business owner.

But if you are MicroSoft laced – through and through – then huddle is NOT a bad option for your organization.

We’ve laid out some of the positives and negatives below.

It offers your basic features such as. . .

  • Invitations to other users
  • Shared Documents
  • Assign Tasks
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Customized Workspaces
  • Whiteboards and your standards

Really, its everything we’ve seen since collaboration platforms – but more focused on business.

A few things that I liked about the platform:

  • They do integrate with iPhone and MS Office.
  • You can schedule webcalls (with screen sharing capabilities), inside their system (using their provided phone numbers) for a varied number participants, depending on plan.
  • No software to download (unlike GoToMeeting or WebEx).
  • They had a lot of reputable clients ( big companies) to prove that they are legitimate.

Things I didn’t Like:

  • Pricing plans. I didn’t get them. They went from $72 a month for a large team, to $1000 for 10 managers, then $2000 for enterprise.
  • Conference and Meeting Minutes – They weren’t unlimited.