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February 21, 2014
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February 21, 2014
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Invoicing Options for Free

Free Invoicing for Business and Non-Profits

If you want an extremely easy way to invoice your clients or just to accept credit cards online, then I would suggest using this interactive free service. It’s one of the largest commerce players on the market and millions of customers use them daily.

Paypal. That’s right, paypal is one of the largest eCommerce providers, and one of the best for small business and non-profits.

Some people give Paypal a hard time, and I’ve even heard others say “Well my clients won’t open a PayPal account”. Well that’s not necessary anymore. In fact they changed that long ago and added the Credit Card option many years back.

But with Paypal, you can send invoices, take credit card payments, or accept PayPal payments. And as the largest e-Commerce company on the Internet, a lot more of your clients may have PayPal accounts than you think. They have been a Front Runner in the game for a long time (think eBay) – and millions of people trust them daily.

So for easy invoicing, check out PayPal, and let any bad thoughts of the company, fade into the past.

I can always help with customization as well. Just drop me a line – sam@etechconsultant.com