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June 4, 2014
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White Label Video Options

Get A More Professional Video Look for Less

Everyone knows about and it’s “free video” options. Ever since the service exploded on the scene several years back – followed by Google’s Billion Dollar purchase of the Video Giant – it has pretty much been “the standard” in video options, for most everyone in the business world.

With that said, business owners should NEVER use YouTube, unless you find yourself inside the Fortune 500. There are way better options out there for small business owners.

Let me explain why, and give you a few alternative options.

It never made any since to me that “Business” Owners would flock to YouTube – especially since the audience on YouTube is mainly looking for viral videos of teens fighting, people getting hurt, or animals doing some type of stupid trick. Most recently “Gangham Style” by the Korean sensation Psi. Very rarely to “business” videos go viral on YouTube – but for some reason “business marketing leads” assume since there’s an audience on YouTube – that their videos are relevant.

In short – they’re NOT.

Nobody on YouTube cares about your latest video, marketing piece, or anything promoting your products.

Which is why it baffles me that business owners and non-profits keep consistently putting videos up on YouTube and not utilizing the better video options available on the web.

Let’s take a look at the Negatives of YouTube

  • YouTube Branding on all Videos.
  • No White Labeling for FREE.
  • Advertisements on Video and in Sidebar.
  • Users can see “how many plays” and realize no one cares about your video and the 19 total views you’ve gotten from friends and family.
  • Competitor Videos in the Sidebar.
  • Users must be logged in to comment on video.
  • Video Graininess at Times – Streaming Issues.

The List could go on and on.

So why do Business Owners and Non-Profits still do it?

PRICE. You can’t beat the PRICE.

Of course people would say – “It’s free, it’s interactive, embeddable . . . so why not use it? You can’t beat FREE.”

Very true. YouTube is hard to beat in cost – but when you look at the sacrifices in the list above, as a business owner investing into your media – shouldn’t you put a little money and effort into your online media.

Check out these affordable alternatives to YouTube – that may be a better fit for Businesses and Non-Profits.


Vimeo has been around almost as long as YouTube – and was mainly started to help out “artists, film makers, and non-profts” as a higher quality video option compared to YouTube.

In fact, it still has rules against Businesses Owners using Vimeo Basic for Commercial Use, but allows Non-Profits the use of their FREE service. Vimeo’s free service is very comparable to YouTube, but has a more focused “watching frame – and little or no advertising”. For a more customizable platform you can upgrade to VIMEO Pro, which gives you priority uploading, more HD, and customizable players. Definitely the best choice for Non-Profits and Artist Looking to promote their causes.

Business owners can Pay for VIMEO Business – which is comparable to VIMEO Pro – but costs a bit more ($200 annually). This gives you more space, and even more options than pro and allows for the commercial use licensing.

Info Coming Soon.

Sprout Video

Info Coming Soon.