Start a Podcast to engage your customer base

Starting a Podcast can be really simple if you know what to do, and how to start. It doesn’t take very much investment, just a couple of tricks and know how techniques can get you up and running.

Why a Podcast?

One important aspect a podcast can bring to any business, organization or campaign is the ability to control talking points in a timely fashion. Meaning you can state your position on any number of topics at the click of a button, and you may also address good or bad PR as it happens.

Topics Discussed in this Tutorial

  • Podcasting software
  • Publishing to iTunes and other markets
  • Creating a Mobile App for your Podcast
  • Setting up Feeds
  • Condenser Microphones, editing, filters, etc.
  • Layout of a Podcast, and how it’s different than plain audio
  • Sound Effects, Intros, bumpers, stingers, more
  • Vodcasting (Video Podcasting) and what’s else is needed